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Hotel Beau Séjour,
its history and its rooms

Bright, lively rooms
with garden view

The rooms of the Hotel Beau Séjour feature comfortable bedding, elegant and personalised decoration, and modern amenities. They offer a bright and soothing atmosphere to provide the utmost comfort.

The double rooms

In standard version with a queen size bed for a lower budget or in superior version with a queen size bed or twin beds, some of them open onto a small private terrace with table and chairs.

1 to 2 persons

Bed 160 x 200 or twin beds 90 x 200

View on the garden

From 98 € to 135 € / night depending on the room

The triple rooms

Overlooking the garden, these rooms are suitable for families and friends and can accommodate up to 3 people. They have spacious bathrooms and premium mattresses.

2 to 3 people

Bed 160 x 200 + bed 80 x 190 or 3 beds 90 x 200

View on the garden

150 € / night

The family rooms

The family rooms consist of two communicating rooms, one with a queen-size bed and the other with twin beds for a comfortable and convivial family stay while preserving your privacy.

4 people

Bed 160 x 200 + twin beds 90 x 200

View on the garden

170 € / night

The garden, an outdoor living room

With a 5000 m² surface area, sheltered from noise and public sight, the garden is a real haven of peace to enjoy breakfast or an aperitif. It will also welcome you for a nap in the sun or in the shade of the large trees.

Amenities and services

Hotel Beau Séjour offers many services and amenities to complement your stay and allow you to enjoy your holiday.

Regular maintenance

The rooms are renovated regularly to ensure comfort and peacefulness

Bedding and insulation

Comfortable bedding and good soundproofing between rooms


Television and wifi
in every room


Served in the garden,
in the lounge or in your room

Drinks and appetizers

Served at any time until early evening in the garden

Free parking

Large parking area for cars and motorcycles,
secure bicycle storage

Hotel Beau Séjour,
a history of hospitality… and family!

Hotel Beau Séjour has gone through the century since 1904, where each generation has made sure to preserve its soul and family atmosphere.

Hôtel Beau Séjour - A century-old family welcome

Creation and origin of the hotel

The hotel was created in 1904 by Marie-Louise Gruffaz, sister of the Gruffaz brothers, who were themselves hotel managers and founders of the Palace de Menthon.

A great cook, she purchased this farm to turn it into a guesthouse, and hosted tourists arriving from the lake by boat. She would welcome them and carry their belongings (trunks and baskets) to her hotel using a wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow, in patois “baraute”, gave its name to the road leading from the hotel to the lake shore: “Chemin de la Baraudière”, still in use today.

At that time, tourists were large families who travelled with their personnel and stayed for 2 to 3 weeks.

The hotel through World War II

The following generation – that of our grandparents – ran the business with our grandfather as the cook. Full board being the norm, customers were served menus established in accordance with the seasons, with fixed hours (12:30 and 19:30).

During the Second World War, the hotel was requisitioned by the Navy. The hotel suffered important damages when they left and the family had to work to repair it.

Hôtel Beau Séjour - A century-old family welcome
Hôtel Beau Séjour - A century-old family welcome

Hotel modernisation and development of customer loyalty

From 1963 to 2002, our parents took over, this time with our father at the stove.

At the time, the hotel offered board and half-board. As the clientele was evolving, it was necessary to adapt to the preferences of everyone. It was during this period that many improvements were made to the hotel to satisfy this more demanding clientele.

Many families started visiting, from France but also from neighbouring countries. Some of them became loyal customers and their children still enjoy coming to this day.

Today’s generation

In 2002 we took over the hotel and are the 4th generation to carry on the tradition. We also bring our contribution to the hotel by taking advantage of the winter closure each year to renovate and improve the establishment and its comfort.

Based on this successful family hospitality that has lasted through the years, we are happy to introduce you to this exceptional and absolutely peaceful place.
— Isabelle and Philippe

Hotel Beau Séjour welcomes you

In this warm and convivial atmosphere, we will make your stay
a unique and unforgettable moment.

Need some inspiration
to make the most of the lake and its surroundings?

We enjoy advising and suggesting activities that suit your tastes and interests… and often off the beaten path!